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The Rose that Grew From Concrete

Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete?
Proving nature’s law is wrong it learned to walk without having feet.
Funny it seems, but by keeping it’s dreams, it learned to breathe fresh air.
Long live the rose that grew from concrete when no one else cared.

-Tupac Shakur

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cynt89 asked: Welcome to Tumblr!!!!

Glad to be here even though I feel like the new kid at school!

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okshan25 asked: HEY hell!

I need to follow some people, you all I got right now hell!

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Since Charlie Sheen’s “WINNING” interview it seems like a lot of people are trying to make LOSING situations out to be WINNING. Clearly Charlie Sheen is on several drugs & even though he says he knows the rules to taking drugs(whatever those may be) I still feel like he is LOSING. Financially he is in great shape but he is about to lose custody of his kids. I wonder will he still think he’s “WINNING” when they are gone?